Edmonton, AB, Canada

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frequently asked questions

Are you licensed, insured, and covered by WCB?

All of the above. We can provide you with a copy of our current business license, proof of insurance, and a WCB clearance letter upon request. We also go above and beyond to ensure you can be worry-free while we work at your property by having each of our staff certified in fall-arrest safety training.

How do you clean the windows?

We are firm believers that a mop and squeegee do the best job of leaving your windows absolutely pristine. We also wipe up any excess water or dust with a micro-fibre towel.

Do I have to be home?

If we are working on the exterior of the property (cleaning gutters or just exterior windows) you don't have to be home. If we are also cleaning interior windows, someone must be present to give us access. 

Do you clean commercial properties too?

We are proud to offer our excellent cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients. We work with home owners, landlords, business owners, and property managers alike!

How do you quote?

Check out our pricing page on this website! It will give you a pretty good approximation of what we would charge. Remember that each house is unique; it's easiest to give us a quick call or message for a precise personalized quote. We have a pretty snappy response time!

How far ahead do you schedule?

Typically, we schedule jobs at least 10 days in advance. However, if the job is urgent, we can usually make accommodations.

Do you clean out the tracks as well?

CleanPro specializes in cleaning the glass panes in your windows. Aside from the glass, we wipe down the frames and sills to remove any excess water or dust with a micro-fibre towel. Deep cleaning in the tracks and frames which involves more than this is not a service we offer.