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New services now offered by CleanPro

Hey everyone! I just wanted to put a little post on here to tell you about the new services our business now offers. These are huge and exciting changes for us as a local company.

Most people who have run their own business will be able to tell you that it's not easy to guarantee the same standard of exceptionalism with more services. But with the help and commitment of our brilliant crew members we have been able to branch out and level up over the last year. It's been a rewarding process working with these great guys on developing the business. And it has been thrilling to be able to show up and impress our customers in more ways than we could before.

I hope you'll consider us when you look for the following:

1. Siding cleaning

We are so excited to tell you that we can clean siding extremely effectively. We have really launched into this service this summer and have been able to do a wonderful job for everyone who has had us out. I know our crew will impress you with their expertise on our siding washing system.

2. Track cleaning

At long last we are able to offer track cleaning! I admit we were a little timid to get our feet wet with this one. It's a tedious and finicky job. But we wanted to ensure we could do an amazing job for those requesting it--and now we can!

3. Solar panel cleaning

It turns out that as window cleaners we were pretty well equipped to clean solar panels already. Adding this service on was a no-brainer. And man, does our crew do a phenomenal job of making your solar panels squeaky clean again!

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