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We're so back

Hey everyone! We're excited to be in the thick of it again this season. We're cleaning windows, pressure washing, cleaning gutters like mad! We would love to schedule you an appointment, so if you haven't emailed or called in yet, please do so ASAP!

CleanPro has always been especially blessed to have skilled and honest employees. This summer we have a great lineup. They are smiley, honest, meticulous, friendly, and handsome (yes, all of them!). They are the cream of the crop this summer and they are putting their hearts and minds to work for our customers this year. You want these guys working for you!

There's nothing like a bit of a gray and lukewarm spring to make you really excited for summer weather. You had better make sure your home is ready for it. We'll make it look as good as new. We'll get those downspouts draining again. We'll get the dirty dusty detritus off of your domicile.

Get a fast quote on our website or call us at 780-216-8999!

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