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5 Qualities of CleanPro Team Members

Each season, we build our team with the very best. What are some of the key qualities that each team member possesses? Read this post to find out!


CleanPro is proud of its reputation as a professional window cleaning and gutter cleaning service. Each member of our team is professional in presentation, conversation, and procedure.


At CleanPro, we believe that optimism is a strategy. Our team is made up of confident, pleasant, and enthusiastic individuals. We're happy to be serving you and we hope our work puts a smile on your face too!


It's important that a team can pull together to get every job finished right. The CleanPro team is driven and hard-working.


Each client and job is unique. Our team members are not just pretty faces--they're clever and creative problem-solvers.


We're laser-focused on the details--down to the last smudge on the glass or the very leaf in the eavestrough.

(Job seekers: If this list sounds like you, send us your resume at We'd love to have you on our brilliant team!)

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