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A friendly note from the owners of CleanPro

This year marks CleanPro’s sixth summer! It’s exciting to help so many Edmonton residents find delight in their properly cleaned and cared for homes.

We hope you get to meet our team this year! Call our cheerful and competent office admin to set up an appointment (780-850-6776 or! Our crew members are absolute professionals at what they do. They are dedicated to amazing service.

And both window cleaning and gutter cleaning are tough jobs to do just right!

Window cleaning for one is not a job for the impatient. It’s a tricky task to make sure they are no streaks, finger marks, dust spots, or water stains left on the pane! In fact, getting a window perfectly clean is more like an art form to us than a simple summer job. We and our team have devoted ourselves to a premium job not just at every home we visit, but at every window we wash.

On the other hand, cleaning gutters requires another toolbox of skills. Our gutter cleaners are methodical and efficient. They use ladders and the gutter vacuum with care and confidence. They remove all sorts of debris from your eavestroughs—leaves, sticks, grit from your shingles. Anything that would gunk up your gutters. Then they check their work by flushing your downspouts.

So make sure to book your appointment :). Email or call 780-850-6776!

All the best,

John and Parker

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